Art History

Coodinator: Floyd Martin

Art History Resources

Stela B, “18-Rabbit,” 8th century A.D., Copan, Honduras

Piranesi – Print from Prima Parte di Architettura, e Prospettive

The Bachelor of Arts in art, art history track focuses on the history, theory, and criticism of the visual arts. Students gain a solid foundation to pursue the master or PhD programs in art history that are necessary for careers in university teaching, research, and the museum field. The major in art history, a liberal arts degree, encourages the development of analytical and critical viewing and writing skills useful in other careers such as law, medicine, and business.

Taught in lecture halls and seminar classrooms, students and faculty have access to digital projectors and other audio/visual capabilities. The department maintains a digital image collection and instructional DVD and print libraries. The Ottenheimer Library is well-equipped to facilitate student research, including print materials, interlibrary loan and database access to ArtStor and many other academic resources. The art history program has a strong relationship with the Arkansas Arts Center, where students may intern and conduct advanced research projects.

Art History Graduates

From left: Alex Leme (BA in Art History), Kim Sanders (MA in Art History), Meredith Bagby Fettes (MA in Art History), Floyd Martin (Professor of Art History) at May 2013 Commencement