Furniture Design & Woodworking

Georges Launet - "Untitled" - Furniture Design

Coordinator: Mia Hall

The furniture design and woodworking program emphasizes investigation into traditional craft practices as well as contemporary trends in the field of studio craft. Though the curriculum is primarily based in wood processes, alternative materials are introduced and investigation into innovative materials is encouraged. Students become both designers and makers of unique, one-of-a kind objects. The coursework provides students with the skill and confidence to make both functional furniture pieces and sculptural wood objects.

The furniture design and woodworking program is housed in a new 10,000 square foot applied arts facility. Equipped with a woodworking machine room, welding, forging and metal working area, bench room with personal studio spaces and separate sanding and finishing room, students have access to a wide array of equipment and personal workspace. A large assortment of high-quality portable power-tools and hand-tools is available for student use.

Kerry Hartman - "Balance Box" - Woodworking