Metalsmithing & Jewelry

Linda Holloway - "Memory Container" - Turned Cocobolo, Copper

The metalsmithing and jewelry program presents techniques involved in jewelry making and metalsmithing. Basic fabrication, forging, forming, connections (hot and cold), surface embellishment treatments, casting, and finishing methods are explored. A fluid interplay between class material and external resources such as field trips, visiting artists, studio visits and workshops provide a class structure which emphasizes the historic and contemporary methods and ideologies in the field of jewelry and metalsmithing. Through research, technical exercises, finished projects, discussion, and critiques, students will practice the skills of concept development, design, craftsmanship, and critical evaluation for utilitarian and non-utilitarian works.

The metalsmithing and jewelry 4,000 square foot facility is part of the applied arts facility. Students have access to a forming room with a variety of forming equipment such as hammers, stakes and hydraulic press, a hot-room for soldering, enameling and casting, and a bench-room with cutting and drilling equipment and work-spaces. The facility also houses private studio spaces for advanced students.

Allison Short - "Growth Ring" - Sterling Silver