Keri Young – “Sort Stories #5” – Oil

Coordinator: Eric Mantle

Students begin the painting program by working primarily from still life and landscape with an emphasis on both representational and expressive approaches. Once the fundamentals have been accomplished, students are then encouraged to experiment with various painting concepts while focusing on the establishment of a personal direction in painting. The personal content can encompass anything from traditional portraiture through contemporary concepts. Work by UALR painting students is regularly accepted in local, state and regional competitive exhibitions and displayed in several local and regional galleries.

The painting studio has 1,960 square feet of floor space and 400 square feet of natural light, of which 250 square feet is north light. The studio includes 70 supply lockers, 70 painting storage racks, a critique area where student work can be displayed for class discussions, and 18 work stations, each with a Klopfenstein easel, taboret and stool or chair.

Escape and Shadows

Jason McCann – “Escape and Shadows” – Oil