Jade Chauvin, BFA – “Untitled”

Coordinator: Carey Roberson

The photography area offers a comprehensive course of study in camera-based imagery. Classes explore fine-art and commercial photographic skills. Both approaches are valid and reinforce each other. The fine-art photographer must have a thorough understanding of the basic technical skills in order to keep abreast of constantly changing methods. Likewise, in the commercial realm, the ability to create an imaginative solution to each assignment is necessary in a highly competitive field.

Photography computer labs include I-Mac computers and state-of-the art photo printers. The lighting studio features new LED lighting, as well as a complete strobe light setup on overhead rails. Students also have access to a traditional darkroom facility for black-and-white printing and alternative processes.

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Computer Lab

The photography classroom located in the Fine Arts building, room 269D, doubles as a computer lab for use by photography students outside of class time.


Dubs Byers – “Untitled”


Megan Douglass, BFA – “Untitled”