Kerry Hartman Sculpture

Coordinator: Michael Warrick
E-mail:  mrwarrick@ualr.edu

The sculpture emphasis encourages diversity in its approach to ideas and techniques. The curriculum has a strong emphasis on the development and understanding of skills relevant to sculpture in clay, metal, stone, concrete, plaster, plastics and rubber. Advanced students will research, discuss and develop their own aesthetic and visual philosophies plus regularly give presentations on the ideas, techniques and history of contemporary and traditional artists.

The Sculpture facility has a 1500 square foot indoor space and a 1400 square foot outdoor covered space. Equipment for the facility include:

  • Two 60 cubic foot kilns for life size terra cotta sculpture and metal casting
  • 110-pound capacity metal casting furnace
  • 25 HP compressor with a dozen air outlets
  • Basic wood working equipment
  • 14’ foot ceilings
  • Gated dust collection system
  • Vented hood system

Bernice Garden Sculpture