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Graduate Programs

Graduate Coordinator: Marjorie Williams-Smith
E-mail: mwsmith@ualr.edu

Master of Arts

The Master of Arts in Art Program offers three concentrations: Art History, Studio Art, and Art Education. The program is housed in the Department of Art, which is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

For information on admission and program requirements for the three concentrations, please visit their dedicated pages in the menu to the left.

Transfer Credit

Up to six graduate hours with grades of B or better earned in the past five years may be transferred from another accredited institution.

Special Students

Students admitted to the Graduate School but not the art program may enroll in courses only with the coordinatorʹs and instructorʹs permission. If later admitted to the art program, no more than six hours (with grades of B or better) may be applied toward program requirements.

Program Requirements

All students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. Only 12 5000-level hours can count toward the degree; all remaining hours must be 7000-level. Grades of incomplete are discouraged and students with one or more may be restricted in the number of hours they may take in a subsequent semester. An Advancement to Candidacy Examination or Critique is required.

Students are also expected to participate regularly in special seminars and workshops and to attend lectures and gallery openings organized by the department.