Minor in Digital Graphics

Victor Harris : Digital Vector Illustration

The minor in Digital Graphics is open to all majors and makes it possible for non‐degree seeking students and non‐art majors to select an industry specific minor in the arts. The minor consists of a series of courses designed to enhance any degree program utilizing art related computer programs. The advanced courses address both print and web-based audiences stressing technical proficiency and aesthetic appeal. The courses take you through a logical sequence of projects that encourage progressive skill development.

The curriculum for the minor consists of 15 hours in studio art, including:

  • ARST 1315: Two-Dimensional Design
  • ARST 2318: Computer Applications in Art
  • ARST 3385: Vector Graphics for Illustrators and Designers
  • ARST 3386: Digital Imaging for Illustrators and Designers
  • ARST 4348: Web Design

For a complete list of art department courses and descriptions, you can view a PDF version of the Undergraduate Catalog at this link.