Certificates in Art

The department of art offers some of the most popular programs as certificate programs. These include the following:

Applied Design: Proficiency Certificate

The 18 hour Certificate of Proficiency in Applied Design guides students through a series of courses that educate participants in the primary aspects of sculptural and functional materials, combining studio pre-requisite art courses and upper-level courses within ceramics, furniture design & woodworking or metalsmithing & jewelry. Upon completion of the certificate students will be skillful in the use of equipment, materials and the aesthetics related to applied design.

This 18 hour certificate of proficiency includes two pre-requisite courses: ARST 2315, and ARST 3312 Contemporary Craft, 6 credits. Once these are completed a student may select the entry-level course from one of three applied design sequences and three additional courses from the same sequence: Furniture (ARAD 3310), Metals (ARAD 3320), or Ceramics (ARAD 3350) for 9 additional hours, totaling 18 credit hours for the certificate.

If you have any questions about the certificate program or about the classes themselves, please contact the Applied Design Program Coordinator, Mia Hall, at mphall@ualr.edu.

Photography: Proficiency Certificate

The Certificate of Proficiency in Photography challenges students to perfect their photographic skills, both as a means of artistic self-expression and a practical skill with many applications.

The Certificate of Proficiency in Photography consists of 18 hours in photography, which include:

  • ARST 3370: Introduction to Photography
  • ARST 3371: Intermediate Photography

and four courses from the following upper level photography courses:

  • ARST 4370: Professional Photo Techniques
  • ARST 4371: Alternative Photo Methods
  • ARST 4372: Digital Color Photography
  • ARST 4373: Advanced Problems in Photography
  • ARST 4374: Large Format Photography
  • ARST 4315: Advanced Problems in Design

If you have any questions about the certificate program or about the classes themselves, please contact the Photography Program Coordinator, Carey Roberson, at cwroberson@ualr.edu.

Certificates may be earned with a degree program or independent of a degree program.