Poster Information

During the 2008 Assessment Expo, various campus organizations submitted posters showing the assessment process for programs, core, and co-curricular. We also had two off-campus participants.

Posters were assessed on the extent to which they explained how changes made as a result of assessment data were evaluated to see if they worked.

Winning posters clearly demonstrated:

  1. How assessment data were used to make a change or implement something new
  2. How the change or implementation was evaluated
  3. The results of the evaluation

The winners for this year were the following programs:

  • Grand Prize Winners
  • Core – First-Year Writing (Rhetoric and Writing Video)
  • Program – Nursing AS
  • Co-Curricular – Disability Resource Center
  • Off-Campus – Harding University College of Pharmacy
  • Other Prize Winners
  • Chemistry and Society
  • Construction Management
  • Health Science
  • Information Science
  • Library
  • Mathematics BA/BS
  • Mathematics Core
  • Mathematics MS
  • Pulaski Technical College
  • System Engineering
  • University College AA

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Wheeler by email or call (501) 569-3204.

(Printable Version of Poster Guidance)

Past Poster Winners

In 2007, we had approximately 30 participates from other colleges and universities across Arkansas, 2 of which submitted posters for the competition. We also had 29 posters submitted by core courses and departments on campus, all of which were very well done.

The winners for last year were the following programs:

  • Core Poster Winners
  • Chemistry and Society
  • Fine Arts
  • Speech
  • History
  • First Year Writing
  • Earth Science
  • Program Poster Winners
  • Housing
  • Health Sciences
  • Construction Management
  • Mathematics
  • Systems Engineering
  • Mass Communication
  • External Winner
  • Arkansas State University