Institutional Research

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The Office of Institutional Research is among the few units at UALR staffed with “power users” of the Oracle data base which is the foundation of the central administrative data system. Because of their broad familiarity with countless data base tables in the Oracle student, student financial aid, and human resource modules, analysts in Institutional Research are equipped to retrieve and organize campus data to assist planning, budgeting, and assessment objectives.

With respect to assessment, Institutional Research makes available data to academic chairpersons, faculty and other professional staff to further in-depth analysis of student populations by academic majors. Students are grouped by academic major and characterized by age, gender, ethnicity, attendance status, and home address each term. In addition, term-specific grades, grade point averages (GPAs) are retrieved as well as test scores typically required for undergraduate admission. These data items are updated each term and in most cases can be obtained on students directly by computer query from the academic department.

Chairpersons and other staff also can retrieve term-specific faculty course assignments, student enrollments by course, and day and time course scheduling history with direct computer queries designed and authored by Institutional Research.