SKIM at UA Little Rock

Skills in the Major (SKIM)

All undergraduate major programs that are not accredited by a disciplinary agency are required to teach and assess the six Skills in the Major:

  •  Oral Communication
  •  Written Communication
  •  Critical Thinking
  •  Research
  •  Technology
  •  Ethical Reasoning

SKIM is being implemented starting in 2017-2018, beginning with writing and critical thinking.

Representing the “vertical core,” Skills in the Major are derived from the Core Curriculum and ensure that major programs across the university are reinforcing formatively and at the capstone level skills that are introduced in general education courses.

Members of the Faculty Senate Skills in the Major Committee include:

Joanne Liebman Matson, Rhetoric and Writing, Chair
Miles Blanton, Physics and Astronomy
Julie Flinn, Anthropology
Kristen Gullicks-McIntyre, Applied Communication
Carol Macheak, Ottenheimer Library
Jan Thomas, Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies

SKIM workshops for Spring 2018 will be held from 12-2:00 PM in DSC-G on the following Fridays: February 9, March 9, and April 13.