Award Information

ATLE Awards Program

While we at ATLE believe that our programs are valuable in themselves, we also see value in celebrating the commitment of our faculty to enriching their teaching. Thus, ATLE offers a number of awards to faculty who participate in our programs and activities. These awards are a tangible way to mark the commitment of our teachers to improving their work.

What awards does ATLE offer?

All of ATLE’s awards are based on participation in ATLE activities. Here is the list of our rewards:

  • Professional Development Certificate (35 points)
  • Teaching Associate (60 points)
  • New Faculty Teaching Award (80 points, first-year faculty only)
  • Teaching Fellow (120 points)
  • Distinguished Teaching Fellow (200 points)
  • Mentor (350 points)
  • Master Teacher (700 points, co-director nomination)
  • Lifetime Participation Award (500 points, co-director nomination, retiring faculty only)
  • Participant of the Year (most points accumulated in an academic year, excludes co-directors)

How can I earn points toward these awards?

ATLE gives points for a number of activities to strengthen not only the individual teacher, but the teaching community at large. Engagement with other teachers and reflection on that engagement will improve one’s teaching over the long term. Here is the list of activities and their point values:

  • Attending an ATLE lunch event (5 points)

ATLE hosts six lunch events a year. They are announced on FACFOCUS and through our ATLE participant list. Simply RSVP and participate.

  • Presenting at an ATLE event (10 points)

We regularly ask our best UALR faculty to present at ATLE lunches and other events.

  • Writing an article for the ATLE newsletter (10 points)

The ATLE newsletter is published once a year in the spring. Email us ( if you’re interested in writing something for this year’s issue.

  • Writing a “Success Short” for ATLE (10 points)

ATLE publishes short, inspirational ideas (called “Success Shorts”) via email to its community list. We’re always looking for new contributions. Email us ( if you’d like to give it a try.

  • Participating in Shadow and Share (20 points)

The Shadow and Share program involves pairing up with another teacher to observe her classroom, and have her observe yours. Participants attend a Shadow and Share luncheon to discuss the experience, and write a reflection which they send to ATLE.This program happens once a year in the fall.

  • Participating in Shadow a Student (20 points)

The Shadow a Student program pairs a faculty member with an undergraduate student. The faculty member follows the student through a day of classes and observes his learning process. They both attend a lunch to discuss the experience. Faculty participants write a reflection which they send to ATLE. This program happens once a year in the spring.

  • Attending ATLE keynote speaker event (10 points)

ATLE typically brings two speakers a year to campus to give keynote addresses and run workshops on teaching and learning. Attending these events is a great way to reinvigorate your teaching.

  • Publishing a scholarly article on teaching/learning (10 points)

Email ATLE a copy of an article you’ve written for outside publication and we will give you credit toward one of our awards.

  • Writing an essay on teaching/learning for the UALR community (10 points)

If you publish an essay dealing with teaching and learning in a campus publication, ATLE is interested. Email us a copy so we can count it toward your awards total.

  • Bringing a colleague to her first ATLE event (5 points)

We’re always looking to get more faculty involved in ATLE. Bring someone new to ATLE with you when you attend an event and let us know about it.

  • Attending ATLE’s New Faculty Orientation (20 points)

We put together a full day of teaching workshops for new faculty. We feel it’s also the perfect way to get you on your way to earning the “New Faculty Teaching Award.”

  • Incorporating ATLE ideas into teaching (5 points)

Any time you attend one of our events and bring those ideas into your classroom, we want to hear about it. Write up a description of what you learned at ATLE and what you did with it, and email ( it to us.

  • Promoting ATLE’s Thank-A-Professor program (5 points)


  • Contributing to ATLE social media (up to 10 points per year)

Post to our Facebook page or send us a tweet. We’ll give you one point each time you do it.

  • Participating in ATLE research initiatives (5 points)

ATLE regularly runs research initiatives to answer questions about teaching and learning on UALR’s campus. Help us out with one of these and we’ll award you points (pending IRB approval).


Have an idea for an activity that’s not on our list? Let us know and, assuming it fits ATLE’s goals, we’ll add it and assign it a point value.

How will ATLE know that I’ve completed an activity?

If the activity is an event, there will be a sign-in sheet for you to sign. For other activities, we typically require some documentation of your participation. Please see the specific descriptions of the activities for more information.

In the end, we trust you to take credit only for those activities you’ve completed. If you’ve completed an activity but can’t easily document it, notify us via email (, and we’ll update your points.

How do I keep track of my points?

Once you have completed any activity on our list and reported it to ATLE, we will add your name to our master Google spreadsheet. You will receive a link to use to view your current point total and the points totals of all other ATLE participants. If you ever lose the link, email us ( and we will send you the link again.

When are awards given?

Toward the end of the spring semester, ATLE will host an awards lunch. The entire ATLE community is invited to attend. If we check your points total and see that you have earned enough points for an award this year, we will email you and let you know that you will receive it at the awards lunch.

What do I get when I get an award?

ATLE gives certificates for all awards. For more prestigious awards, we give special awards as well. You’ll have to attend the awards lunch to find out more!
When you receive an award from us, you will also have your picture posted to our website, and your name will be added to the website list of past award winners.