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Bachelor of Arts in Interpretation: ASL/English

Jami Hollingsworth


Jami Hollingsworth, MEd, CI, CT, (Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling: Emphasis in Deafness, 1989), University of Arkansas; BA (Sociology: Social Work, 1988); AA (Interpretation: ASL/English, 1987), University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Ms. Hollingsworth has been an instructor at UALR since 1992. She teaches American Sign Language I, American Sign Language II, Manually Coded English, Fingerspelling, Artistic Interpreting, and Specialized Terminology. Ms. Hollingsworth completed the Educational Sign System Evaluation administered by the S.E.E. Center for the Advancement of Deaf Children. Receptive and Expressive evaluation results placed her in the Advanced Level using SEE in a classroom setting.

Ms. Hollingsworth is a member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc., Conference of Interpreter Trainers, Arkansas Chapter of the American Sign Language Teachers Association, and the Arkansas Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (where she has served as President, Vice-President and Treasurer). She currently is serving on the Board of the Arkansas Deaf-Blind Community and is very involved with this community both professionally and socially.

Updated 8.26.2014