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Bachelor of Arts in Interpretation: ASL/English

Linda Stauffer

Linda Stauffer

Linda Stauffer, Ph.D., CSC, OTC has over thirty years experience in education, rehabilitation and interpretation. She is an Associate Professor and the Coordinator of the Interpreter Education Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) and has taught at UALR since 1986. Dr. Stauffer holds a Ph.D. and M.Ed. in Rehabilitation and a B.S. in Deaf Education. She has been a teacher of deaf residential middle school students in Philadelphia, an interpreter coordinator in New York City, a research assistant in Little Rock, and a community interpreter and workshop presenter in addition to an interpreter educator. She was the project coordinator of RSA grant funded federal projects including the Region VI Interpreter Education Projects and later project director of the Mid-America Regional Interpreter Education Center (MARIE, 2005-2010).

Dr. Stauffer has published research on visualization skills of ASL students and credentialed interpreters, visual descriptive markers in ASL, personality characteristics for success in interpreting courses, and ASL students’ ability to self-assess ASL competency. She is currently researching the perception of burnout and secondary trauma among spoken and signed language interpreters in medical settings.

In addition to published works on visualization and transliteration, Dr. Stauffer co-edited Toward Effective Practices: A National Dialogue on AA-BA Partnerships (2008, 2010), co-authored Identifying Standards for the Training of Interpreters for Deaf People (1990), and authored LEADERSHIP: Keeping it Alive, Well and Active for the RID Affiliate Chapter Handbook. She has authored interpreter education curricula, and was co editor of the CIT NEWS for 14 years. Dr. Stauffer served on the Board of Directors of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID, 1995-2002), the Arkansas chapter of RID (ARID, ten years between 1984-1995) and the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT, 1989-1991) She is the 1992 recipient of the RID/CIT Mary Stotler Award, the UALR College of Education’s Faculty Excellence Award for Public Service (1994) and for Teaching (2010) and the Spirit of RID Region IV Award (2004).

Updated 7.5.2013