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Bachelor of Arts in Interpretation: ASL/English

Sign Language Lab

Lab Description

The Sign Language Lab is housed on the 5th floor of Dickinson Hall in room 508 across the hall from the Interpreter Education Program suite of offices. The lab is open year round with the schedule changing to best meet the needs of students. The hours of operation are posted in the hallway outside the lab. Students are able to complete lab assignments in the EAST lab on the first floor of Dickinson and in the library. Current events information, in-service training opportunities, job announcements and literature pertinent to the field are displayed in the Lab. Lab Assistants who are Deaf and faculty members are available to assist students individually or in a tutoring group situation.

Study and Lab Assignments

The skills necessary to succeed in the program cannot be mastered through classroom attendance alone. The successful student will need to devote time to study, practice, skill development, observation, and community involvement. In general, college students can expect to invest two hours of study time for every hour of class time. Interpreting students are expected to devote at least that amount of time, if not more. Additionally, students are required to view videotapes and to videotape themselves throughout the program of study.

Videotapes are not available for loan or copy. Playback units and selected DVDs are available for student convenience in the Sign Language Lab.

Rules for Lab Use

The Lab is a study area with a “no-voice” communication policy. It is to be kept quiet at all times to allow each student equal access to a non-distracting environment in which to concentrate. The Lab should be kept neat and clean at all times, and it is each student’s responsibility to discard waste in appropriate receptacles.

  1. DVDs are organized according to classes. Please check with the lab assistant to locate the appropriate material for class.
  2. All DVDs and other materials should be replaced after use.
  3. Headphones should be used at the computers when watching videos with voice-over.
  4. All social conversations and activities should take place in the hallways outside of the Lab and the offices.
  5. Occasionally, the Lab will be used exclusively for videotaping expressive quizzes, midterm exams and final exams. On these days, it will be posted that the Lab is closed.
  6. If any problems arise, or assistance is needed, see the Lab Assistant or any of the instructors.
Videotaping of Performances

Students may use the computers to record expressives for class. Instructions for the recording process are available in the lab.

Pagers and Cell Phones

Pagers and cell phones should be TURNED OFF or to vibrate.

Children in School

The faculty may deny visitors and/or children in classrooms and in the Lab. It is understood that on occasion a visitor may be appropriate and/or you must bring your child(ren) to UALR. In either case, prior permission of the instructor is required.

Security System

Students caught removing materials from the lab will be reported to Campus security for further action.

Updated 3.8.2011