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Bachelor of Arts in English

Advising Form for English Majors

Only use this form if:

  • You have completed more than 30 hours and less than 90 hours
  • You would prefer to be advised online and not in person (I am more than happy to advise you in person; please just make an appointment: 569-3161)
  • You are not a Cooper Honors Scholar
  • You do not have substantial transfer issues
  • You are not new to the English program or to the University

All other students must be advised in person:

  • General Advising: Dr. Trey Philpotts, 569-3161
  • Cooper Advising: Dr. Paul Yoder, 569-8321
  • English Ed. Advising: Dr. Bradley Minnick, 569-3517

Step One

  • Be sure that you have officially declared as an English Major (or English-Creative Writing, or English—Secondary Education). Please do not skip this step. A lot of students think they are officially declared, and they are not. To check your status, go to BOSS:
    • Click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen
    • Click on “Student Services”
    • Click on “Student Request Menu”
    • Click on “Declare Major/Minor”
    • Be sure you have a major and minor, and they are correct

Step Two

Step Three

  • Now complete the form below, based on what you have already successfully completed, and what you still need to take. Check your Department and Course Numbers, and times, for accuracy. A small mistake can create big problems.
(e.g. “ENGL 3312″)
Title of Course
(e.g. “Gramm. Analysis”)
Day and Time
(e.g. “TR 10:50-12:05″)
(e.g. Summer II, Summer IV, Fall, Spring)

Step Four

You must agree to the following provisions before you can be advised online:

I am interested in the benefits and convenience of communicating with my academic advisor for purposes of academic advising and consultation by means of the Internet and/or through the use of my E-mail communication system (hereinafter “Electronic Advising”). I understand that the Internet is not absolutely secure and that the possibility does exist that such Electronic Advising communication may be intercepted and/or otherwise may not remain fully confidential. In consideration of the opportunity to receive and benefit from Electronic Advising, I hereby acknowledge and personally accept the risk of such interception, and by checking this box, I will not hold the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, nor its personnel, responsible for the release of my confidential information by e-mail. Furthermore, I specifically authorize The University of Arkansas at Little Rock and its designated personnel to use, forward, and place (in addition to directory information) in E-mail communication, the information contained in confidential educational records such as, but not limited to, the following:

Student ID, Grades, GPA, Student’s Schedule of Classes,
Course Recommendations, Transfer Course Equivalencies,
Degree Plan (Plan of Study with Program/Major Requirements),
Academic Standing and/or Status.

By checking this box, I specifically authorize the use of my educational records for purposes of Electronic Advising and acknowledge that I agree to assume all responsibility and risk in the event of an inadvertent/inappropriate release of said educational records should an E-mail transmission be intercepted.

I also agree to immediately communicate any changes in my E-mail address to the University and that this authorization will remain effective until specifically withdrawn and revoked by me.

*I Agree

Step Five

  • Once you have completed the tentative schedule and checked the “I Agree” box, click Submit.

Step Six

  • Wait for notification of my approval. Once I receive the form via email, I will review it. If it looks okay, I will approve it, and your “Flag” will be lifted. A copy of this page will be kept in your files.

Updated 6.27.2013