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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts: Online


Steps to be admitted to the BAIS – Online Program at UALR

1. Complete the application for admission.

The most important step is to complete the Online Application for Admission.
The application fee is $40 and will be required before the admissions application can be processed.

2. Order official copies of transcripts from all previous colleges that you attended to be sent to the following address:

UALR Admissions and Financial Aid
2801 South University Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72204-1099

You cannot send or deliver transcripts yourself. Write or stop by the registrar or student records offices of your previous colleges to authorize them to send official copies directly to UALR. In order to be admitted to UALR under regular status and to take classes for more than one semester, your transcripts will have to be received by UALR Admissions and Financial Aid no later then the end of the first semester in which you are enrolled.

3. After you have submitted your online application for processing, we will contact you by email.

Shortly after the date that you submit your online application for processing, an academic advisor will contact you with information on the course registration process. Also, a letter from UALR Admissions and Financial Aid will be sent to you containing web addresses to check admission status, schedule of classes, financial aid, and registration.

If at anytime you have a question about your admission process or the online application, please contact the BAIS Online advisor:

Angela Bell at
501-569-3411 (Voice)
501-569-8775 (Fax)
1-800-340-6509 (Toll Free)

4. You must authorize us to do advising via email and to send documents to you when necessary via email.

To do so, print this form, provide the information and signatures requested, and mail the form to the following address:

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Attn: Angela Bell
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2801 South University Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72204-1099

Updated 11.20.2012