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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts: Online

Professional and Technical Writing

Some courses may require a prerequisite. Please review the course descriptions or contact your advisor if you have a question about prerequisites. Not all courses are offered each semester.

All BAIS Majors, 6 hours total
LIST 3310 Reasoning Across the Disciplines
LIST 4310 Liberal Arts Colloquium

Professional and Technical Writing Emphasis, 18 Upper Level Hours

18 hours of upper level RHET electives
Below is a list of the courses that are normally offered:

RHET 3301 Editing for Usage
RHET 3315 Persuasive Writing
RHET 3316 Writing for Work
RHET 3317 Intro to Nonfiction Writing
RHET 3326 Technical Writing
RHET 4306 Writing for Business & Government
RHET 4317 Advanced Nonfiction Writing
RHET 4345 Topics in Persuasive Writing
RHET 4346 Topics in Technical Communication
RHET 4347 Topics in Nonfiction
RHET 4371 Writing on the Web
RHET 4375 Grant Writing

Updated 3.21.2013