Benton Staff

Questions?  You can contact any of the UALR Benton staff at or 501.860.6003.

Carol Tucker

Carol Tucker


I’m the Administrative Support Supervisor and Admissions Assistant at UALR. I’ve worked for UALR Benton for 8 years and if you are thinking about going to college, transferring from another college, or want to return to UALR to finish what you started, I am here to help you. I can provide you with information about starting your college career or continuing your educational dream.



Robin Dean - Financial Aid / Cashier

Robin Dean
Financial Aid / Cashier

Financial Aid / Cashier

I work in the Financial Aid/Bursar’s Office and my job is to assist you with information concerning Financial Aid and to help you with all of your payment needs.

The best investment that you could ever make is in your education. There are many resources to help you with that investment. Let us help you with that journey. I can help you with many aspects of the financial aid process from getting you started with FAFSA to sending paperwork to the Little Rock campus.

To get started, check out the Financial Aid web page at Contact me for any of your financial aid questions.


Amy Coney - Student Records

Amy Coney
Student Records

Student Records

I’ve worked at UALR Benton since 2002 in the Records Department and my job is to help you and the Little Rock Campus process your required documentation for admission. Also, I maintain all files for students entering UALR through the Benton Center. Along with Records, I can assist you with setting up appointments for academic advising and entrance exams required for admission to UALR. Additionally, I schedule appointments for students requiring proctoring of tests from other universities or UALR. I am eager to help in any way I can. Your success is important to me!


Rusty Johnson - Academic Advisor

Rusty Johnson
Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor

I’ve been the Academic Advisor for UALR Benton for the last 7 years. The best part of my job…I get to be your “Go to Guy” and I love it!!!! I especially like being able to reduce your uncertainty on what classes to take and how degrees work. Maybe you are uncertain of a direction concerning what degree you want to achieve. That is okay. Whether you’re a student at UALR or becoming a student by transferring from another university/college, there are many common CORE classes and I will be able to explain how these can work for you.

Also, I know the key to showing you how you can receive an Associate Degree in General Studies and how this degree can be achieved along the way toward a bachelor’s degree …with no additional cost to you. Together we will find the answers for you. Contact UALR Benton to set up an advising appointment with me.


Janice Sampson - Student Services

Janice Sampson
Student Services

Student Services

I am the Administrative Specialist and will help you find your way at UALR Benton. If you are interested in going to college and do not know where to begin, I’m here to help you connect with the correct person and/or department. It is my pleasure to assist students and parents anyway needed.



Garry Lemons - Computer Support

Garry Lemons
IT Lab Supervisor

Computer Support

My name is Garry Lemons and I am the IT Lab Supervisor. I came to the Benton Center with 18 years experience with IT/Computer Support. I worked for 16 years for UALR IT Services on the Little Rock campus before transferring to Benton, and have been in my current position for almost 2 years now. I am current with Windows operating systems and Microsoft Applications. I am Helpdesk Certified and familiar with all aspects of customer/student services.


Services provided by UALR Benton labs:

  • Assist students with the application process.
  • Administer COMPASS Entrance Exams for first-time students and High School Concurrent students.
  • Provide students computer access for research, checking their various accounts and e-mail.
  • Proctor exams for students doing distance learning or on-line classes.


Bruce Bauer - E-Commerce Instructor / Advisor

Bruce Bauer

E-Commerce Advisor

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the punched card was king, I completed a BA in Physics at Hendrix College, and a MS in Computer Science at Oklahoma State University. Since then I have over 30 years of industry experience in software development, project management, and business processes in the Little Rock area. I joined UALR in 2012 when the E-Commerce degree was instituted at Benton.

Currently, I serve as the advisor for all students majoring in E-Commerce. Feel free to drop by anytime to discuss your academic career. I have offices on the third floor at Benton and at EIT 537 in Little Rock. You can make an advising appointment with me at my website: or you can email at I am also an instructor for many of the E-Commerce courses at Benton, including:

  • IFSC 1105 – Freshman Year Experience for Information Science
  • IFAS 2300 – Introduction to Information Assurance
  • ITEC 3610 – Introduction to IT and Applications
  • ITEC 3650 – Guided Applications in IT
  • ITEC 4610 – Project Development and Portfolio Defense
  • IFSC 3300 – Internet Programming
  • IFSC 4350 – Electronic Commerce

So if you want to talk about academics, business, or all things IT, just come by.