Degree Options

Whether you already have a course of study or you’re trying to decide on one, UALR Benton Center offers a wide range of courses for any two-or-four year degree. Save time and resources with the convenience of a local hometown commute, and enjoy a seamless transition to UALR’s main campus when you are ready!

  • Master of Education in Reading – Beginning in Fall 2014, the UALR Benton Center will offer a Master of Education in Reading degree. It is scheduled so you can continue teaching while completing the coursework.
  • Associate of Arts in General Studies – Students can complete their Associate of Arts in General Studies and transfer seamlessly to the UALR main campus as a junior ready to pursue a four-year degree.
  • E-Commerce Degree – Internet savvy students can enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) Degree. This program blends information technology, business, and liberal studies to meet the growing demand for individuals who can help businesses compete through the use of social media and digital marketing.
  • UALR Core Curriculum – UALR requires a core of courses to be completed by all students. The Core Curriculum is offered at UALR Benton. These requirements can be found at the UALR Core Curriculum.


  • Student Services – UALR Benton offers all students services, including Admission, Registration, Transfers, Financial Aid, Advising, and a Bookstore. Drop by during office hours, email us at, or call 501.860.6003 to make an appointment.
  • Math Lab – The Math Lab is located in Room 307 on the third floor of the UALR Benton Center. The lab consists of 31 computers featuring both PC and Mac combined into one unit. They feature both Office 2010 and the ALEKS Program used for teaching Pre-Core Math Students during and after class sessions. A full time Math instructor and tutor supervise undergraduate and graduate students with a special interest in mathematics who are competent in the introductory undergraduate mathematics courses. This lab is also used by students to take the Pre Core Math Assessments either during or after their classes.