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Why a Career in E-Commerce is Hot Right Now

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Ever bought anything online? Then you already have some idea of what eCommerce is. Basically, e-commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services over the internet. It is also the daily exchange of information when doing business (think email, etc.). With a degree in e-commerce, you can craft a career of your choosing – web developer or designer, online sales, marketer, graphic designer – these are just a sampling of hot jobs you would be qualified to fill.

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Why E-Commerce is HOT

In a recent post, Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Global CEO and Digital Marketing Expert, provided a few specific reasons why E-Commerce is so “hot”:

Long-term global growth outlook

The total market is over $1 trillion and expected to grow at 17 percent per year. Mobile commerce is just a few years old and is already capturing 20 percent of eCommerce sales. Guess what happens to eCommerce as tablets and smartphones sweep the world in the next 10 years?

You are trained to think like a general manager

Understanding eCommerce exposes you to product marketing, supply chain, pricing and profit management, cross-selling, up-selling, customer service and much more. So many jobs let you see a little piece of the puzzle, but never the whole enterprise at work. For this reason, many employers today love to see E-Commerce on a resume.

You get a “feel” for customers

It forces you to take a customer-centered view of the world. It exposes you to not only what customers say they’ll do, but to what they actually do. Increasingly, it will illuminate the connection between consumers’ shopping behavior and their social behavior. These are outstanding skills in the art of marketing to build early in a career.

Access to real-time results data

It gives you the chance to do lots of testing, and you get a report card back from the customer every day if not every minute. This real-time feedback loop accelerates your marketing learning curve exponentially.

Makes a difference in your life, not just your day job

Maybe you want to promote your band. Or help raise money for your favorite charity. Or start up your own company. Or turn your favorite hobby into an extra source of income. Being smart at e-commerce is something practical and relevant that can last a lifetime.

Areas of Study

The E-Commerce degree is an interdisciplinary program that enables the student to design a degree plan suited to the student’s interest. The areas of study include:

  • Liberal Arts – Composition, Speech, Math, Sciences, History, Humanities, and Art
  • Information Technology – Web Design, Computer Desktop Skills, Business Soft Skills, Project Management, and E-Commerce
  • Business Core Courses – Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Management, Finance
  • Electives – Designed around the interests of the student:
    • Advanced web and database programming
    • Social Computing
    • Information Assurance (Security)
    • Project Management
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Business Information Systems
    • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    • Digital Graphics
    • Advanced Writing Skills
    • Any UALR Minor Program

Career Opportunities

An E-Commerce degree gives graduates the knowledge and experience necessary for a successful career in a number of areas. Employment potential is vast and expected to continue to increase in the future.

As most businesses require a web presence, e-commerce grads find lucrative careers building websites, managing sales, creating and executing online marketing campaigns, and performing other responsibilities related to selling products and promoting businesses. Others work as web content developers, social media managers, programmers, or webmasters for a variety of organizations.

UALR has relationships with several E-Commerce companies in Central Arkansas. E-Commerce majors are eligible for these internships which will also count as a course credit.

E-Commerce Degree Plan

The E-Commerce Degree plan can viewed at: E-Commerce Degree Plan.

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