Getting Started
Before you register for courses there are some important things that must be done:
Apply for Admissions
Apply for Financial Aid (if you are pursuing it)

Being advised is an important step in the registration process. Most students will have an Advising Flag placed on their account which will prohibit registration. Only an academic advisor may lift this flag.

We encourage you to visit with a UALR Benton advisor early. Your advisor will offer the following services: sharing information about required documents, helping to plan your course schedule, guiding you through financial aid, and locating textbooks. The UALR Benton Center advisors are here to help!

Advising and Contact Information
If you are ready for an advising appointment or you need more information, please email Carol Tucker or call her at 501.860.6003.
Once you have been advised you may begin registering for your classes. To do so you must log into your BOSS account.