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Go to “Class Schedule Search at your Fingertips

  • Make your choices.
    • To find out about classes at UALR Benton, select “Benton” in the Attribute box.
    • Please note that searching multiple values for items such as “Subject”, and “Attribute Type” requires that you either hold down your keyboard’s “Ctrl” key while picking multiple values, or to select a whole block, hold down your “Shift” key while selecting the beginning and ending value you would like to search from a list.
    • Do not make your search too narrow. Examples: If you choose Tuesday and Thursday classes, you will not get Tuesday only classes. If you select classes that start at 1:00 pm, you will not have classes that start at 1:05 pm in your feedback.
  • Click the “Search Class” button.
  • Be sure to check back from time to time, because the online schedule is continually updated. If something about a class is changed, then you will be able to see it the next time you search after the meeting day, time, Instructor, etc. is changed.