Why You Should Attend UALR Benton

Attending a small campus has many advantages:

  • We are UALR – Courses taken at UALR Benton are UALR Courses; no transfer required. You can even take courses at UALR Benton and UALR Main Campus at the same time.
  • CORE Classes – All students at UALR have to complete the CORE curriculum regardless of major. The CORE requirements can be completed at UALR Benton.
  • Two Year Degree – Looking for a two year degree? You can complete an Associate Degree in General Studies at UALR Benton.
    • Convenience – Stay home in Saline County. No more commuting to Little Rock. Save time, money, and gas. No dorm fees.
  • Small Classes – Do you get lost in large classes? With its small class size, you can always get a great seat in class at UALR Benton.
  • Personal Attention – With small classes, our instructors have the time to spend one-on-one with you so you can get all of your questions answers.
  • Full Service Administration – UALR Benton has most of the student services you need in one convenient location: Admission, Registration, Transfers, Financial Aid, Advising, and a Bookstore. We have a small staff, so you really get to know the people you are working with.
  • Safe and Convenience Parking – Parking is close to the door. No long journeys to your car at night.
  • Computer Labs and Wi-Fi – Our computer labs are open every weekday, and wi-fi is available throughout the building.
  • Fully ADA Compliant – We have just one building, so it is really easy to get around. There is also convenient ADA parking at both the front and side of the building.