Undergraduate Biology Programs

The Department of Biology offers a bachelors in general biology. In addition to the traditional biology curriculum, specialized concentrations are also available.   The department also plays a major role in preparing students for postgraduate professional programs.

We offer the following undergraduate (bachelor’s) degrees:

General Biology

This program provides the most diversified exposure to biology of any of the majors offered by the Department of Biology. It is designed for undergraduates with wide interests who do not wish to be limited by the specific requirements of the other majors. Learn more..

Ecology & Organismal Biology

This concentration is designed to prepare students interested in ecology, conservation, and organismal biology for entry into a graduate program, employment in governmental agencies, non‐profit organizations, or positions where an integrating organismal and ecological background is required. Learn more..

Molecular Biotechnology

This concentration is a joint effort between the Biology Department of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the Medical Technology department of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.   While not intended as pre-medical or pre-professional, the curriculum is designed for students who want to pursue a research career in molecular biotechnology at the bachelor’s level.

The program will prepare students for technical occupations in basic and applied molecular biotechnology research and positions with federal and state governmental agencies and private or commercial enterprises that conduct either basic or applied research in biotechnology. Learn more about the Molecular Biotechnology program..

Secondary Education

The Secondary Education Program prepares Biology teachers for licensure for grades 7-12. Learn more..

Environmental Health Sciences

The B.S. degree in Environmental Health Sciences program is designed to prepare students for a broad range of career opportunities in the environmental profession.  With a total of 26 hours of approved electives, students can focus on their individual career objective. Learn more..

Minor Programs

To accommodate the needs of students majoring in different fields, the biology minor requirements have been designed in a flexible way to ensure that course selection is sound and appropriate to the student’s background.

The UALR Biology Department offers the following minor programs:

Minor in Biology

With the biological sciences playing an increasing role in everyday life, a biology minor allows a student to appreciate, understand, and evaluate these important, exciting developments. Learn more..

Minor in Environmental Health Sciences

A minor in Environmental Health Sciences requires 18 credit hours. Learn more..

Bioinformatics Minor for Biology Majors

The Undergraduate Minor in Bioinformatics is jointly offered by the Biology and Information Science Departments at UALR. It is intended for students majoring in biology, computer science or information science; students with other majors are welcome but they may need to take additional courses to complete the minor requirements. Learn more..