Graduate Certificate in Management Information Systems


The Management Information Systems Graduate Certificate Program provides focused coursework to gain knowledge of business and technology skills in a relatively short duration to facilitate entry into, as well as career progression within, the field of Management Information Systems.

MIS Graduate Program Brochure

Program Requirements:

The Graduate Certificate in Management Information Systems consists of 12 hours of course work:

Two courses from the following technical courses (6 hours):

  • MGMT 7303  Systems Development and Database Design OR MGMT 5350  Database Management Systems
  • MGMT 7304  Integrated Business Applications for Decision Making
  • MGMT 7305  Advanced Database Management Systems
  • MGMT 7307  Systems Analysis and Design Methods
  • MGMT 5310  Network Technologies

Two courses from the following managerial courses (6 hours):

  • MGMT 7308  Advanced Business Communication
  • MGMT 7310  Management of Human Capital OR MGMT 7313  Commercializing Innovations
  • MGMT 7312  Team Development
  • MGMT 7350 Information Systems Management OR MGMT 7101  Developing Leadership Skills I AND MGMT 7250 Strategic Management of Information Systems and Technology
  • MGMT 7352  Emerging Technologies and Strategic Issues

Entrance Requirements:

Have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education with a GPA of at least 2.8 (4.0 scale), a 3.0 in the last 60 hours, or a 3.2 in the last 30 hours. The GMAT exam is not required.

Graduate Certificate courses can be directly applied to the Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems. Certificate program code: MGIS-GC.

Application to the UALR Graduate School

Checksheet-MIS Certificate

For more information about the graduate certificate program, contact Sung-Kwan Kim, associate professor, Department of Management, 501.569.8859,