Minor in Business Information Systems

Consider a minor in BINS (formerly MIS) to complement your major with relevant technical and managerial skills.  An BINS minor can help launch a marketable career path.

A grade of C or greater in all UALR or transfer courses is required in order to fulfill a course requirement in each of these minor blocks of courses.

*Beginning July 1, 2014, the program names will change in the UALR catalog from Management Information Systems (MIS) to Business Information Systems (BINS).*

Minor Requirements

(21 hours)

MGMT 3305 Management Information Systems
MGMT 3352 Advanced Personal Computer Applications
MGMT 4331 Management of Information Resources

  • Four courses or (12 hours) from the following (with approval of the management department chair):
    • ACCT 2310 Principles of Accounting I
    • MGMT 3307 Systems Development Methodologies
    • MGMT 3310 Business Applications in COBOL
    • MGMT 4309 Seminar: Special Topics in CIS/MIS
    • MGMT 4310 Network Technologies
    • MGMT 4311 Security Issues and Advanced Topics in Network Technologies
    • MGMT 4312 Object-Oriented Programming
    • MGMT 4350 Business Database Management Systems
    • MGMT 4355 Information Systems Development Project