Blackboard Student Orientation Now Available

orientation course

UALR has developed a Blackboard Student Orientation and would like your feedback. This Orientation is not a course and is offered free of charge. It is designed to help prepare you for success in Blackboard and in your online learning experiences.

The “Blackboard Student Orientation” will appear on your course list when you log into Blackboard. Just click the link, browse through the material, and take the Orientation Quiz. There is no minimum score required. Instead, the score is provided to indicate your understanding of the orientation material and how Blackboard functions. So, take it several times as you wish to improve your understanding.

When you’re finished, please click the “Bb Orientation Feedback” link located on the course Menu. There are only a few questions in the feedback survey, including some questions for an open response. The feedback survey should only take 5-10 minutes. Please complete this survey as a way to help us improve this orientation.

If you have any questions, please click the Contact Bb Help link located near the bottom of the Orientation menu.

Thanks for your participation!

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