Blackboard assessment issue: error when starting test

UPDATE 1/30/2017

Starting Saturday evening, some students began experiencing issues starting tests within Blackboard. The UALR office of Scholarly Technology and Resources is working with Blackboard, Inc. to address the issue behind the error messages received by students.

Current Issues

Issue Resolution Status
Some students are receiving the following error when attempting to launch a test:

blackboard.persist.PersistenceException: Error executing database transaction AssessmentAttemptControl.instantiateFromCourseAssessmentId: The class for the root element ‘assessment-result’ could not be found.

Issue Resolved

What to do next

There is currently not a work-around available that our office can provide for this issue, but we are in continuous communication with Blackboard and will post updates when more information becomes available.

If you have questions or concerns, please ​complete​ a help request on the Blackboard Student Support website.

Frequently-asked Questions

When did this issue begin?

The issue was first brought to our attention on the evening of January 28th.

Does this impact all of my tests and quizzes?

This issue is system wide, but it does not impact all tests and quizzes.

Is my professor aware of the issue?

A message was sent via a faculty listserv on Sunday, Jan. 29, but you may check with your instructor if you have concerns.

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