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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Course Schedule

Bachelor of Science (BS)

BS in chemistry requires at least 34 hours in chemistry requires at least 34 hours in chemistry above the freshman level including:
Course Number        Course Description                     Credit Hours
CHEM 2310                Analytical Chemistry I                             3
CHEM 2311                Analytical Chemistry II                            3
CHEM 3150                Organic Chemistry Lab I                         1
CHEM 3170                Physical Chemistry Lab I                          1
CHEM 3171                Physical Chemistry Lab II                         1
CHEM 3250                Qualitative Organic Anal. Lab                    2
CHEM 3340                Introduction to Inorganic Chem.               3
CHEM  3350,3351      General Organic Chemistry I, II                3,3
CHEM 3370               Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics         3
                                  & Kinetics
CHEM 3371               Physical Chemistry: Quantum                    3
                                  & Statistical Mechanics                                                       CHEM 4190               Chemistry Seminar                                   1
CHEM 4340               Inorganic Chemistry                                 3
CHEM 4411               Instrumental Analysis                               4

PHYS 2321, 2322      Physics for Science and Engineers I, II        3,3
PHYS  2121, 2122     Physics for Science and Enginneers            1,1
                                 Laboratory I, II
MATH 1451, 1452      Calculus I, II                                            4,4                       MATH 2453               Calculus III                                              4

Additional requirements for ACS certification include Chemistry 4420 Biochemistry, a three-hour upper-level mathematics or statistics elective, plus six hours of either a foreign language or a computer language. A minor is not required for this curriculum.

Updated 4.26.2012