In London with UALR Theatre Students

Students from the UALR Department of Theatre Arts and Dance have been visiting England this summer, to present The Marlowe Project. You can read about their Canterbury performance in a previous blog entry. Click “Read More” to get a glimpse of London from a student’s perspective.

In London with a UALR Theatre Student

Hello, all!  I just wanted to report my experience in London on Wednesday night, now that I have finally had time to write. As you probably know from others on this trip, we have been up to a lot. At first, Wednesday consisted of a morning walk to the train station with all of our luggage–an average of 3 suitcases/bags each. The train ride was about 1-2 hours (sorry, I was resting most of the way). Towards the end of the ride, a much older gentlemen sat beside me and we got into a very interesting conversation about the history of Canterbury and London. Then the fun part began…

After the train ride, everyone bought our tickets for the subway. After going up and down stairs, on and off the subway with our luggage still in hands, we were pretty exhausted. After the subway station, I think we finally grasped the thought that we were in London and the excitement began in spite of the exhaustion. Everyone, minus Stacy, Rhythm, Jay, and Stacy’s mom, Brenda, made way to the dorms in which we would be staying. The only problem was that we were not sure where the dorms were. We walked and walked, through construction, crowds of people, etc. realized we made what seemed like almost a complete circle after asking a few people for directions, and finally made it to the dorms. Upon arrival, we filled out information cards and had 30 mins to put our things down and get ready for the real fun we were about to have.

At this time, I’m going to fast forward to entertainment purposes. Later that evening, Tyler, Crystal, Ashley, Erin and I decided we want to go see “Wicked” after the London bus tour. After the tour was over, we had about 40 minutes to find a train station, find the theatre and buy tickets. So what did we do? Answer: RUN!!! We ran through the station, up and down stairs, through crowds, down sidewalks, jumped on and off trains, ran through traffic (probably almost got hit a few times), flew to the ticket office, waited in line, got our tickets just in time for the final call for everyone to take their seats, refused to go to the rest room before intermission and made it to our seats about 3 minutes before it started.

The show was amazing!!!  No, past amazing…. Just go see it if you haven’t!! It was worth everything we went through and more! We got home around midnight after some wrong turns. This day was just the beginning though. 

Natasha Mason, student of Theatre Arts and Dance
July 8, 2007

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