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Sitting at the gate and waiting for our plane to arrive and take us to Seoul.  It was a reunion happening.  I have not been to one for a while but loved them when I did as a young sprout.  Met a teacher from northern Indiana.  She was in her sixties and traveling to Seoul with her adopted Korean daughter of many years.  She was from Auburn, Indiana.  Wonderful prairie town.  I felt right at home there when I visited last summer during a three week residency at the University of Saint Francis. The town had rented an exhibition of sculpture by E.S. Johnson for a display in downtown Auburn and I happened to have pictures of it on my laptop.  It sure got us into a number of interesting conversations about towns and teaching. Click here to continue reading this entry from Michael. 

Another elderly (not much older than me) gentleman I met was a retired psychologist.  He said a most interesting thing during our visit.  “Life is like a sculpture.  You can build a masterpiece if you choose to.”  We looked at photos of my portfolio for a while and talked about what its like to create a life. 

Got on board to fly to Korea.  Sat a few seats from away a recent high school graduate who was given the gift of a tour around Korea to see all her family members.  She liked to draw and was considering architecture and pre-med for college.  She had decided to not worry about what direction she was going to take.  Wanted to relax and just discover things and figure it out as she went along. I encouraged her do what she loved.  

Next day….
Did not get but a few hours of sleep on that 13 hour plane ride and I’ve only got a few minutes left on my laptop battery.  Leaving Chicago in the dark, flying in the dark on top of the world and arriving in the dark is a bit strange.  I’m half way through my new book Art In America by Ron McLarty.  Time for a short rest.

Back on my feet again from Seoul to Changchun.  I was well received at the Changchun airport with flowers and a party of four.  Lunch was with 10 other sculptors from around the world.  There will be 50 sculptors here by the end of the week.  Wow!!!  After lunch eight of us sat around our rooms and looked at each others proposals and portfolios in stone, clay and bronze.  There was lots of translating between Chinese, French, Spanish and English.  My exhaustion was overcome by the excitement of meeting so many sculptors in such a new place all at once…

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