Entry 2

About a dozen of the artists and our interpreters took a tour of the sculpture studio and garden this morning.  We walked through the garden for an hour and a half and only saw about a quarter of the park.  An amazing place.  There are over two hundred monumental works scattered throughout the park.  All made of stainless steel, bronze or stone.  The clay studio is part of a complex and has about 5,000 square feet of space for the bronze artists to create their clay models.  From there the works will be molded and then cast in bronze off site.  I asked for a 3-meter wooden pallet to create my clay study on.  I’m honored to be in such a phenomenal place. For me it was a garden of delight to walk amongst such a cultural Mecca of creative energy. The centerpiece of the ¾ mile by ¾ mile sculpture garden is a 100 feet high granite column with earth mother figures and a dove.  A large granite circle surrounds this work with five studies in low relief in white marble and five studies of two figures 1.5 size bronzes dancing to music.  Each of the relief works and figure groupings represent five different parts of the world.

In the afternoon, another sculptor and our interpreters went looking for souvenirs at a large five story mall.  An amazing visual overdose to be sure, but the taxi drive was more exciting than any I’ve had in NYC.  Very daredevil driving next to folks cutting in inches away and barley missing pedestrians, bicyclists, scooters, buses, and cars.  All the while not a single flinch or gesture from anyone.  A roller coaster ride if ever I’ve had one on a flat surface.

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