Entry 3

The sun continues to monitor my wake and sleep times.  Up at 4:30 and to sleep at 10 p.m.  Not my normal times.  China is on one time zone.  The Internet is off and on in the conference hotel.  After breakfast I spent the morning talking to a U.S. citizen form Sai Pan. Originally he’s from Idaho and is the art department in a small two-year college.  It’s amazing how similar students and schools can be and how we all face challenges of quality and improvement.

Jet lag got me.  Woke up to a group of six young twenty year old ambassadors knocking on my door to deliver promotional booklets, catalogs about the 9th symposium, t-shirts, work vest, note pads, a billed hat and an umbrella. This evening there was a formal reception for the 9th International Sculpture Symposium. There were a few speeches, six or seven TV cameras, a dozen newspaper photographers a big dinner, and many toasts and laughter.  Afterwards there was even more laughter, stories and sharing of fresh watermelon and peaches. 

Saturday we go to the sculpture park meet our studio assistants and make requests for tools and materials.  And so we begin.

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