Entry 4

Last night at the symposium I was told by one of the committee directors that this may be the last year for the symposium.  He said that they plan on creating works for major thoroughfares in the city next year.
We made progress on my sculpture today.  I got close enough to a finished bust model for the project.  It’s a reproduction of one of my proposals that I sent to the Changchun Committee. We roughed it out so that the features and the shape are distinct.  The other part of the day I started to lay out a grid pattern on my armature pallet so I could measure and scale up the piece.  My tools were straight cut boards, electrical cables, hammer and nails, triangulated paper, chunks and strips of wood, a crayola stick and a metric tape measure.  It all worked just fine.

At 5:30 p.m. (we finish at 6) today I made the rounds to see the progress of many of the artists. Structural armatures were coming along well for many and it was exciting to see the progress.  I shot numerous photos of the beginning of many pieces. I plan on continuing the documentation of a number of artists work.  I think it will make a great presentation to the students.  At dinner folks relished their progress and the start of their work.  Much laughter and drinking of Chinese beer took place.  For the fourth night in a row I sat in the dining room hanging out and talking with a variety of artists till the porters asked us to leave after two and half hours.

A number of artists and I are talking about taking a field trip to Victory Park in downtown Changchun.  If we go we’ll have a picnic and explore the park where our work will reside for three years.

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