Entry 10

Repair work again.  I ripped out the meter square section of faltering clay, made thirty new wood/wire crosses and attached them.  Then we got a fan and slowly began to lay in the first layer of clay behind the wire crosses.  After that we worked on flattening out the clay on the cranium with wooden paddles and finished adding to the lower left side of the head.  Yet to do is a few large clay tools that are similar to a hard rake and finish the jaw form on both sides.  After that we finish the repair work on the right lower side of the cranium.  Then it’s on to finishing the face. 
Crickets, Mayflies, Dragonflies and Ladybugs are part of Viktor’s (from Georgia) studio assistant daily distraction.  He brings them by to show me almost every day.  I imagine we share the same child-like fascination with small things in nature.

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