Entry 13

Today we spent a fair amount of time adding on to both sides of the zygomatic arch. This is the bone that starts at your cheek and goes back to just above your ear canal.  We also added to the left temporal bone area which where your temples are.  Then we moved onto finishing the lips, mouth and eyes.  When sculpting the eyes on the model back in the spring I referred to a favorite book on “Portrait Sculpting” by Phillipe Faraut.  In his book he illustrates various methods to sculpting the eyes both open and closed.  I learned to sculpt the eyes closed and open three years ago in a Lawrence Kansas workshop taught by Phillipe.  So, this spring I went back to his method of sculpting the eyes in such a way that you can see the cornea below the upper eyelid even though the eyes are slightly open.  When someone is sleeping the eyelid completely covers the eyeball and the cornea is at the bottom edge of the upper lid.  This approach to sculpting the eyes closed is a fundamental indicator that the “Visionary” is in meditation or prayer.

I stayed at the studio for lunch again.  It’s been a great break in the routine and it allowed me time with three of the artists and to take a short nap on an elegant four-part granite bench. The rest of the lunch hour time was spent on my clay work.  It is so nice during this quite time as there are no grinders running and very few people around.

My new studio assistant for carving stone arrived during the mid-morning.
My interpreter and I walked him through what he needed to do.  By the end of the day he had the base of one stone leveled, a large corner cut off and was diamond drilling and feather wedging chunks of the upper surface. I need to decide what size pedestal I want for this two-part piece by Wednesday.

On Wednesday the Mayor of Changchun comes through the studio again.

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