Entry 14

It was a productive day.  The stone cutting assistant is doing well ruffing out the first granite piece.  I’ve enjoyed watching his approach to removing stone from the form.

The clay work is almost done.  We continue to tweek elements of the face, brow and cheeks.  I spent most of the day working the surface and cleaning up edges to a semi-finished state over most of the face.  I worked through most of the lunch hour to get further on the piece.  I’m hungry to be finished with the clay work.  Maybe in a few days we’ll wrap it up.

The Changchun Mayor passed through the studio in the late afternoon with TV crews and reporters.  I was fortunate to be the first one he talked to.  My interpreter Angela was not ready for the statement that I had planned.  She did well and said she was glad I didn’t tell her what I had planned ahead of time.

Afterwards the artists went back to the hotel, cleaned up and went for “Hot Pot” at a local restaurant with the studio assistants and the staff. “Hot pot” is where you have a small pot over a burner and you place a variety of shaved or ball meats, mushrooms or noodles into your boiling pot.  Then you cook it and enjoy the mixing of flavored foods in a variety of sauces. There were piles of great food, lots of laughter, much singing and a few hundred photographs.

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