Entry 6

Four TV crews and the Mayor of Changchun came through the studio today to check up on the progress of the artists work.

We added more clay to the back of the cranium this morning.  If the clay does not dry soon I may need to rip off most of the clay in the back and revise the armature to better support the cantilevered lower part of the cranium.

Marko from Serbia came into the conference today.  His wife attempted to teach me Chinese Chess during our lunch break.

After lunch we took a cab to an art supply store and bought a few small clay tools.  On the way back we stopped at a Mc D’s for a large order of fries.

I came back from my tool and fries sojourn to a failure on the sculpture.  A massive section of the back of the cranium fell off the back of the head.  Not enough armature.  Clay too wet.  We stacked all the clay off to the side, ripped out more clay and got a welder to help us rig up a better armature.  I went out and celebrated my terrific failure.  Tomorrow we rebuild again.  I’m still a student of large-scale sculpture armatures.

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