Entry 7

We finished two layers of the chicken wire and a hundred or wood/wire crosses to hold the clay on the new metal armature addition this morning.  It’ll take a few days to get back on track with the back and sides of the cranium.

This morning and this afternoon I looked at stone and considered proposing a two part stone piece for my next four and a half weeks.  Part of what I was looking for was a stone or stones that I find aesthetically interesting in their own right.  I wandered around the large stone yard and began picking up small pieces of stone and setting them on a level surface.  After a while I began to look around to see what types of shapes of stones there were available in marble and granite.  I found one 2.5 x 1 x 3/4 meter planar white marble and one 1.5 high pyramidal gray/green granite form.  Neither piece has enough mass to carry off a monumental concept but together they could create an interesting relationship in stone.  Tonight I’ll write my proposal and develop a model.  If I get something done that I’m happy with I’ll submit my proposal to the committee and see how they respond.

I didn’t write a proposal.  Instead I created a clay model and asked Barry for some feedback on the composition, idea and materials.  We went back and forth on what I could do to improve the piece and came up with a solution that I think is interesting and can be done primarily with an angle grinder and a hammer in less than a month.

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