Entry 9

We worked all day on finishing the back half of the cranium.  It’s starting to take shape.
Around four-thirty we discovered that since I was packing on the clay on the left side of the head it was rocking the whole head and clay started to work its way off the lower right half of the head.  Again the clay was too wet and the motion of the armature helped to weaken the clays adhesive quality.  We braced it, covered the front half of the head with plastic and walked away till Saturday hoping it will dry some.  Part of the problem is that the lower part of the head is round and cantilevered.  So, the clay naturally wants to fall. 
I made the rounds and photographed artists’ work in progress and talked to folks about the development of their ideas and any problems they were having with their work.
 At 8:08 p.m. the artists, symposium staff and many of the interpreters watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in the lobby of our conference hotel.  The one-hour opening ceremony was quite the spectacular cultural and technological event seen through the eyes of an artist.  Beer and peanuts were served.  Watching the different countries march out onto the outer ring of the “Nest” revealed a rich a diverse history in costume.  We cheered each other’s countries on when the athletes walked into the arena.

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