Interview with Anthropology Student, Interning with NCIS

Note: To read Valerie’s blog about her internship experience, click here. Updates will be added throughout the Fall semester.

What is your major? Anthropology

What is your academic status (junior, senior?) Senior

What will you be doing during your internship?  I will be working in the Death and Homicide Unit at NCIS filling in their database and solving cases.

What was the application process?  I filled out an application with The Washington Center and turned it in to Dr. Sherwin.  I was then chosen by UALR to go as a representative to Washington, D.C.

Why did you apply?  I applied for this program because I haven’t had any luck finding internships on my own.  I knew that my chances of getting a good internship would increase if I was selected for this program. 

What do you hope to learn as a result of your  internship with NCIS?  Oh, there are so many things I hope to accomplish from my internship with NCIS.  I want to learn what it takes to be excellent in the field of forensics.  I want to learn if this field is really for me.  I think it would be best to find out now if this is what I want than to wait until I’ve graduated and have nothing to fall back on.  I hope this internship experience is one that is memorable and enjoyable.

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