Entry 18

The mold makers pried off the many parts of the mold this morning.  A few were cracked and three of them small broken pieces.  After much discussion with the mold makers I discovered that the head mold maker has a B.F.A. in sculpture from the university and that he is very experienced at repairing and creating molds. 

During our lunch break Al from Niue Island took his interpreter and me to the tool and hardware section of the Changchun.  An amalgamation of hundreds of small tool and hardware stores that covered about three city blocks.   No
diamond polishing pads for granite like I was hoping to find.

After lunch the head mold maker walked me through how he had repaired all the mold parts and how much care he had taken to duplicate the modeled texture that I had put on the whole surface of “Visionary.”   My anxiety was diffused.

During the afternoon I visited the sculpture park to refresh my spirit.  Once I came back from the park Angela and I sat in the administrator’s room, had hot tea and played fifty questions about politics, culture and perceptions.  I learned a lot about the staff, what they think is important and how great a sense of humor they have.  This whole line of communication with the staff was all through the grace of Angela my interpreter.

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