Entry 20

It was raining this morning so I decided to stay in the hotel and continue to work on organizing the list of work for shows in September, October and November.  The stone carvers had the day off because of all the rain.

In the afternoon I went back to the park and spent my time in the Cucumber House with Angela and her friend.  They talked and I worked on sketches for a memorial.  The memorial is a possible commission work that honors Vernon Jordon’s twenty-year dedication as a security guard at the Central Arkansas Library.  After three months of struggling to develop an idea, I finally made progress on a concept that I like, is possible, and a bit of a stretch technically.

Every hour or so I would go into the main studio and see the progress they were making on reproducing “Visionary ” in Fiberglass.  First they lightly
scrubbed the molds, and then they put down paste wax.   After that they
mixed up and applied a butter like resin on the surface of the mold.  Once this solidified a bit they layed in fiberglass mesh on top and brushed in more resin to bond it all together.  They got about half the mold parts finished.

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