Entry 22

It was a clear and calm day with a mild temperature and a little wind.  I checked in with the stone carving assistant and continued to give him some refined guidelines about cutting and finishing the granite stones.  It’s moving along well.  Two days ago I created a new clay model of the work and added a third element.  I hope I can get that third piece of stone to complete the composition.  Maybe later today it can happen.

I saw the assembled fiberglass “Visionary” sculpture.  All the mold pieces had been sewn together with wire and fiberglass backing so the seams will be strong.  The next step will be to patch between the wire sewing and model the surface with similar toothed modeling tools.  It looks very strange reproduced in fiberglass and sewn together like a patchwork quilt. 

The mold makers cast my models of “Visionary” and “Conversation” in plaster.
Maybe tomorrow they will do the fiberglass within the molds.

After reviewing the mold I documented a number of the artists work in progress and set up shop in the Cucumber House to work on my draft of a letter to the Mayor, the Committee and the staff.

The afternoon was spent trying to get connected to one of the committee members so I could add a third stone to my composition.  Once I got the OK I
waited for the crane to set the stone near my other granite elements.   That
was pretty much the afternoon. 

Around four p.m. the Sister City sculptors were told we were invited to diner and that we needed to go back to the hotel and clean up.  Mr. Wang from the Foreign Affairs Office took all of the Sister City sculptors to a seafood extravaganza. The restaurant covered a city block and was set within an old greenhouse.  Each of the 50 or so small houses within the complex had its own living room, kitchenette, lavatory and dining area for 12 people.  It was quite the dining experience.

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