Entry 25

Today I checked in with the #1 stone assistant.  He has done a great job of polishing the pyramid stone to 5,000 grit.  You can see the color of the charcoal gray and the green flecks within the stone.  I can’t wait to see the number two or knife edge stone polished.

Angela’s three female cousins came to the studio.  They are all English majors at local universities.  I took them all on a tour of the studio, part of the grounds of the park and then to the center of the park for ice cream.

After lunch the crane came in and flipped the third stone piece over so that we could begin marking and taking away the part of the stone that I did not want.  I marked what I wanted to be flattened and cut away.  After that I created a wooden template of the second large knife edge stone so the we could drill the holes for mounting the knife edge stone on the third stone.  The crane also flipped the pyramidal form on its side so we could grind a flat surface on the bottom.  In the process they used a metal cable and scratched up the polished surface pretty good.  Lesson learned.

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