Entry 26

#2 stone assistant was already cutting the flat surface on the third stone when I arrived.  He should be finished by early afternoon so I can mark off what else I want cut off.   At mid-morning I was told that we only have eight more days to work on stone. 

Part of the morning was trying to chase down a fiberglass worker to continue working on my fiberglass “Visionary” form or to provide me with the materials so that I could finish it to my satisfaction.

The rest of the morning I worked on sketches for the possible Vernon Johnson commission for the Central Arkansas Library System.  Marko and his wife Tamara gave me feedback on my ideas over lunch.  Good feedback and some new ideas popped up.  I’ll develop them when I get a break.  Marko also said he heard that the stone workers only have four more days.  I think it’s possible that I can finish this week with the roughing out, the drilling and most of the polishing.

After lunch I tried for the third day to track down where I could get the diamond polishing disks.  Aka, Ali, his interpreter and I went to the tool-town part of the city to find diamond sanding disks.  I didn’t find everything that I wanted but I found 9 of the 13 polishing grits.  Pricing on some things is vastly different than the states.  I also wonder if the quality is vastly different.  Shopping for tools to finish our work. That was the afternoon.

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