Entry 28

I tried out the cutting torch on the granite today.  I learned a lot about how heat in subtle and large amounts can affect the stone, how it breaks, how it flakes on the surface and within the grain.  The gray-layered granite broke very different from the granite that Marko worked on.

After lunch I took the light rail back to the sculpture park so I could have a little quiet time with the stone pieces.  Not long after I got there it started to rain.  Shortly after Mr. Fan from the FAW motor company came by to visit and meet the thirteen artists that expressed an interest on the Auto Park.  Angela, Barry, Mr. Fan and I walked to the local store to get some paper, pencils, and rulers so I could start doing some sketches this evening.

On Saturday morning Mr. Fan will take us to the park so we can see how far the park has developed and maybe get a better sense of what the park looks like.

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