Entry 31

About 13 of the sculptors went to the FAW sculpture site to view and document the Auto Sculpture Park.  Mr. Fan gave us a printed plan of the site and told us of the plan for including forty sculptures for the park in the next five years.  Thursday of next week artists will have the opportunity to present their ideas through drawings, a model or a digital image.

After we left the FAW Sculpture Park site we went over to the sculpture park. I checked in with my #1 stone assistant and reviewed his progress on the pyramidal form and the third stone.  He should be done in a few days with the polishing.  Then we’ll find the hole destinations for the third stone, drill the holes, insert the stainless pins and mount the knife-edge stone on top to see how it looks.  Through an interpreter the 1st stone assistant asked me if I was a university professor.  I said yes.  I also told him that he was great craftsman and had a good eye for aesthetics.

During the afternoon I stayed in the hotel to rest and recuperate from my bad chest cold.  Ryan showed up at three to talk about monumental sculpture and gave me a series of movie shorts from TED.com to entertain me.

A few minutes after he left the staff doctor showed up to check up on me.  I’ve only stopped at the park for a few minutes every day to check in with the #1 stone-carving assistant.  She checked my temperature and gave me an anti-biotic.  It’s just what I needed.  Maybe I’ll be well in another four or five days.  Right now I’m very week and not very tolerant or patient of some things.  I skipped the big dumpling dinner for the evening.  I would rather go with out food than be among the smokers at this point.  About 7 p.m. room service came by with toast, fruit, a fried egg and some warm milk.
It hit the spot and I went to sleep for a about a half hour and then the doctor showed up again to make sure I took my medication and take my temperature.  My first house call ever.  We only have five days before the symposium starts.

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